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helping harmonise hormones

This Health Program is to work on optimising your hormone health whether you want help to -

- come off the pill/hormone therapies and regulate a natural cycle

- your period is absent or infrequent

- peri-menopausal or menopause diet therapy

- have recurring thrush or BV

- hormonal imbalances

- want to know how to look after your body during the month during the different stages of your cycle

- experience PMDD or bad PMS

- post pill and still no period

- elevating libido and normalising healthy sex

- have an over or active thyroid

- are experiencing cortisol issues

- unable to manage stressors + feel sluggish, lethargic, tired + wired


4 sessions

Initial Consult 90 mins

3 Subsequent Consults 45 mins

21 days between consults (3 weeks)


Dietary advice, hygiene/clothing/detergent/care advice, lifestyle medicine, recommendations, readings, breath work,  movement, mindfulness, access to my online yoga library, supplementation tailored to your health goals and if any deficiencies or issues requiring a therapeutic intervention. 


Blood tests (Medicare)

Potential Transvaginal Ultrasound (prices can vary depending on public / private)

Potential Gut Microbiome Analysis ($380+postage)

Papsmear (Medicare + GP out of pocket)



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