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Spring Clean!
4 week Gut-Brain Connection

September is the month of "RU OKAY" day. 

This is a very close-to-my-heart day of awareness for mental health.

Did you know that your mental health and your gut are connected!??

The gut-brain connection can be optimised through how we nourish, nurture and live with food and lifestyle changes.

I hate the word "detox" - it almost sounds dirty to me these days, a dirty, bad / ugly word! 

wanna know why??


Because it is overused in marketing to promote something that suggests your body is not doing its job of detoxing properly - it makes it sound inadequate. In fact, your body IS detoxing - your liver is a smart cookie. It's one of your "organs of elimination". It works together with kidneys, bowels, lungs + your lymphatic system to get rid'a the junk in the trunk so to speak.

So this spring, we are not doing a DETOX.

We are however, doing a spring clean.

Want to join me?

What: 4 week Gut-Brain Axis RESET

Sorry, what: Yep, there is a connection between your gut health + your mental health/brain function- cool hey? But also, can be not so cool when you feel like crap- mentally + physically.

The intention is to get you feeling RESET: your gut health, optimising the function of your organs of elimination + improving cognitive function. Helping the production of neurotransmitters, assisting mood, getting rid of brain fog, improving sleep, managing a healthy stress response + reducing symptoms related to stress such as constipation or diarrhoea.


Intake 1: Sept 1

Intake 2: Oct 1

How long for: 4 weeks

What does that look like:

week 1: hour consult - focusing on your GUT

week 2: 30 min follow up consult - moving to your LIVER

week 3: 30 min follow up consult - focusing on KIDNEY health (+ urinogenital health if needed)

week 4: 60 min follow up consult - your NERVOUS SYSTEM + the HPA axis, gut-brain connection.

What do these sessions cover?

  • tailored nutritional advice

  • blood work analysis

  • breath work

  • holistic homework

  • goal setting

  • meal planning

  • sleep hygiene

  • recipes

  • mindfulness tool kit

  • yoga + movement practices

  • prescribed practitioner only supplementation with schedule

This is for you if:

  • you're suffering hectic brainfog on the reg

  • you're fatigued + have no idea why

  • you're having bouts of constipation and/or urgency

  • you feel the connection of stress impacting digestion

  • you've lost your appetite + you feel rubbish

  • you're strung out + not sure where to begin

  • you're a moody person, but you want to be happier + healthier version of you!!


So, sick of trying this diet, that diet, this internet hot tip that internet hot tip?


Or ready to work 1:1 with a Nutritionist who wants to work with you, to create a healthier + happier version of you?

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