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You are in for a delicious time! Healthy meals do not have to be complicated!! Here is your proof. Easy, tasty, healthy! Winter Warming meals.


This meal plan ensures each day meets the RDI for dietary fibre, low saturated fats, high protein and variety with protein sources as well as variety with plant foods.


You can always make substitutions to suit your personal dietary requirements such as gluten free breads, buckwheat instead of oats, ghee instead of butter. You can add protein powder to porridge/oats, chia seeds for more fibre, opt for different natural nut butters on apples and opt for different milks (cows or plant based) that suit you.


This meal plan is scaled for 2 people - if you are cooking for more or less, adjust the recipes + grocery list accordingly.  One week of nourishing warming goodness - breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners.


There are quite a few meals in this plan that will also freeze well if you choose to make more + have some tasty go-to's in the freezer!!


Stay warm on cool days this winter - keep that digestive fire burning!


* This is not health advice, nor is it tailored, it is a general plan with recipes to enjoy and modify if needed


Winter Warming Meal Plan

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