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practice yoa
online with me!

From wherever in the world you are, from the comfort of your own home - join me on your mat!

Whether it's live yoga each Sunday or having access to my library of on-demand classes.

My Yoga classes are known to be fiery, playful, down-to-earth and magnetic.

I teach from my soul and my mission is to Empower you in every way possible to love ya guts!

I teach Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow, Mindful Moves, Prenatal and Workshops on various elements of our health and wellbeing.

I have trained with some incredible and inspiring teachers. My first training in 2013 was Yin Yoga with Mysan Sidbo. I went on to study at Power Living under Cassie Lee and Chris Wilson in 2014.

From there I was lucky to have learnt from the late Maty Ezraty. I have learnt from Patrick Beach, Carling Nicole, Deb Langley, Dana Trixie Flynn with Laughing Lotus NY and Dice Ida Klein.

My teachings are all about keeping it real and allowing yourself to colour outside the lines. To be unapologetically you. To grow with the flow.

Jennalea McInnes Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

practice yoa
anytime, anywhere.


Practice Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Mindful Moves, Prenatal Yoga, Yin Yoga with me or one of my guest teachers!

Sign up to a Nutrition Program and you get access to my online yoga while we work together on optimising your health! 


Meet my Inspirin Guest Teachers


Kat Harvey-Barakat

  • Instagram

If you've ever done one of Kat's classes, you know just how powerful and transformative they are.

Kat wears her heart on her sleeve and takes you along for one of the most empowering and esoteric experiences you can have on your mat.

Kat has a breadth of knowledge on Yoga philosophy and the Subtle Body.

It is a great pleasure to have her wisdom on this medium.

Kats aim is to empower you to live your life - not just exist.


Zoe Walker

  • Instagram

Zoe (or Zoga) is one groovy jelly fish.

Seriously, this girl grooves like a jelly fish. She moves with ease, grace and fluidity as she connects the practice to the many emotional and cosmic levels of the human body.

She brings this knowledge and wisdom of her embodied practice in to her teachings.

I love how fluid and genuine they feel. Every word, Zoe is an authentic and fun teacher yet extremely grounded and thought-provoking.

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