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for optimal health?

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helping women
get their period back,
prep for pregnancy
+ manage their PCOS.

jennalea mcinnes
clinical nutritionist


It's my belief that great and, poor health can both be affected by your gut. 

Where so many of your hormones are produced and excreted. 

Where your microbiome is thriving or requiring more attention to optimise your overall health!

The gut is your first line of defence - protecting your body from pathogens.

 I work with you to alin your health to your health oals.

Treating you as the individual you are -

addressing the cause for your health issues.

Creating a strong foundation by addressing your gut health.

 Optimising sex hormones.

Correcting nutrient deficiencies.

Improving nutrient absorption.

 Regulating menstrual cycles.

 Preparing the body for conception and pregnancy.

Boosting energy and vitality!

My intention is to help you optimise your health, not just be living free of disease or disharmony.


I am so lad you're here.

I'm Jennalea. A degree-qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a voracious appetite for all things natural health. 

My passion is women's hormones + microbiomes.

Helping women to understand their bodies natural rhythm and improve their individual energy requirements to thrive, during all phases of their menstrual cycle.

My job is to holistically assess your health and provide evidence based advice for diet, movement, lifestyle and therapeutic interventions.

Unsure why your periods are so heavy, painful, absent? Wanting to conceive or care for your body and baby during pregnancy and postpartum?

Having gut issues such as bloating, gas, pain, discomfort?


Work with me to optimise your health, to feel vibrant and sustain your energy!

SEVA Retreat-12.jpg

does this sound like you?

wanting to correct nutritional deficiencies before conception

wondering where your period has gone?

irregular periods

unsure if you're ovulating each month

history of iron deficiency or anaemia

diagnosed with PCOS - what next?

not sure if you're eating the right foods for your body

low energy, low mood

painful periods

light periods

heavy periods


Conceive +


The best time to look after your nutrition is always - but particularly for conception - 3 months out.

We cannot control when or how the body will conceive, or how. Whether naturally, through IVF or IUI. But we can control our health habits in the lead up to conceiving.

This plan is designed for those beginning their preconception journey.

To correct nutrient deficiencies, to optimise nutritional status, make lifestyle adjustments with habits and rituals.

If you fall pregnant while on the plan, perfect! We then ensure your body is getting what it needs each trimester and you feel empowered and educated on what to eat.


virtual nutrition consultations

Working with me online allows flexibility in your schedule and our consults. We meet on zoom to discuss your health concerns.

Working together for 4 sessions for coaching, accountability and sustainability of your health goals.

Alternatively, I do offer Initial Consults as a one off session with option for follow up sessions.

 ome was not built in a day.


Your health is the same - we cannot "fix" everything in one session.

We must begin with the basics - the foundations. Then rebuild from there.

It's not a click of the fingers for results, but the work you put in will be so worth it!

Want to know more? 

view offerings

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yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to chane the world.

today, I am wise so I am chanin myself.


Our body has the ability to rebuild, renew, replenish and heal.

We just need to offer the right building blocks for this to happen.

Macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats), dietary fibre, micronutrients and minerals, hydration, stress mitigation, movement, quality sleep and relaxation.

When treating health holistically, the aim is to find the root cause of your issue rather than add another band-aid to the problem.


Natural health serves as prevention and is a sustainable approach for

longevity and vitality. 

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