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I am so lad you are here.

I'm Jennalea!

I'm on a mission to Empower and Educate women to better understand their menstrual cycles and improve their hormones + microbiomes.

My most important role is Mama to Ollie - my beautiful blue - eyed, spirulina - eating, mini yogi - water baby - son!

I'm an Earth-Loving, Kettle-bell Swinging - Yogi, Health-Hacking, Ocean-Obsessed, Dark-Chocolate-Advocate Yoga Teacher and Holistic Clinical Nutritionist. 

I meditate to stay grounded, and move to feel inspired.

Whilst I do not consider myself to eat by any label, I have had various health conditions that have influenced Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles which have given me a great understanding of what it means to improve my gut and optimise my hormones with

Nature and Nurture.

Food and Lifestyle.

Choices and Sacrifices. 



My background in Events Management has inspired past curations

of Health Retreats with a focus on Nutrition, healing,

yoga, connecting and cultivating awareness to empower

healthy living and mindfulness practices.

my passion is helping women manage their PCOS, prep for pregnancy + improve their menstrual cycles + microbiomes.

As someone who has PCOS - it has been my mission to be prolific in knowledge

with this syndrome and help other women manage their symptoms,

their Endocrine System and Metabolic System.

I am passionate about holistic health interventions that are sustainable,

achievable and practical whilst optimising overall health.

I believe in optimising microbiome health to better our overall health.

I work with -









Infant Nutrition

Gut Health

Mens Health


various health conditions.

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