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I am available for 

Corporate Wellness

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Senior Yoga (& Prenatal) Teacher.


Nutrition Presentations

Nutrition Presentations varying from 20 - 60 minutes addressed to your workplace to help with the wellbeing of your staff. 

Topics include:

The Gut-Brain Connection

Addressing the importance of our gut function, gut health and nutrition in regards to our mental wellbeing and mood health. 

Presented with slides, tips, recipes, Q+A 

How to Prioritise Your Health

Addressing the busy culture we live in and how staying healthy while at work, and how can make a huge impact on your life, relationships, work output and energy. 

Diet, movement, mindfulness, tips, tricks, recipes, Q+A

Corporate Yoga

30 or 45 min Yoga practices focused on moving the body to help relieve tension from sitting at the desk all day. Clearing the mind using poses, breath and stillness to reset the day. Helping your staff to be able to declutter their minds, relieve stress from their bodies and enabling them to work with more ease.

To enquire please send us an email.

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