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utritio onsultation

I believe in food as medicine.

I also believe in preventative care.

This does not rule out Modern Medicine, however if we are looking after ourselves with nature-care to the best of our abilities, it may help us avoid needing medicine for certain ailments.

As a holistic Nutritionist, I believe in treating the body as a whole.

We cannot put new furniture in a house that has cauht on fire.

It is the same with our body.

If one system is out - chances are, others are too.

We must bring it back to the basics.

Gut Health.

Liver Health.


Then work towards the health goal.


The PCOS Plan.

Conceive + Care.

The Fourth Trimester.

Love Your Guts.



Initial Nutrition Consultation

1 off Nutrition Consultation followed up with a comprehensive treatment plan addressing the prioritising presenting health concern.

Session duration: 75 min

Follow Up Consultation

Whether after a program or a one off visit, this is a follow up consult to touch base, navigating any new concerns or reigniting any inspiration to stay on the path.

Session duration: 45 min


Samara M - Melbourne

After spending hundreds of dollars over the past 2 years attempting to get my hormonal acne under control (with no success), I finally saw a difference after working with Jennalea. She helped me get to the underlying cause of my symptoms, was so knowledgable and thorough. She helped me to create a plan that was achievable and effective and I couldn't be more grateful for the difference it has made!

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