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Conceive + Care.

This program is for those beginning their conception journey. Ideally, starting this program 3 months before conception.

It begins with two sessions focusing on preconception nutrition - which is fundamental for a healthy pregnancy.

The subsequent visits are optional: whether during preconception or pregnancy. 


4 sessions

Initial Consult 90 mins

3 Subsequent Consults 40 mins

14 days between consults (2 weeks)

email correspondence between consults

2x 15 min check in phone consults


Dietary changes, potential elimination diets, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, movement, breath work, massage, recommendations, potential referrals (ie Osteopathy or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, GP, psychologist), access to my online yoga library, supplementation


Blood test (Medicare)

If required, referral to GP for ongoing tests such as colonoscopy or breath tests, urine tests, papsmears.

Optional and health dependent: MetaBiome report at extra cost of $349 + postage.



you can now pay with Afterpay

Private health rebates may be available however please contact your health fund and ensure you reference nutrition telehealth (not dietetic) services.

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