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Love Your Guts.

From the inside out - I want to empower you to love yourself - your body - your health - your digestive health!!

Our gut health can really affect our overall mood, energy, sleep, sex drive, behaviour and lifestyle choices.

The foods we eat are helping our system thrive or impacting our health and energy negatively.

I want to educate, inspire and empower informed healthy and sustainable habits, and decisions. So you can experience a better quality of life, more energy, sustained energy, regular bowel movements, reducing cramping, bloating, gassiness and discomforts. 

Whatever your diagnosis, or your health goals or digestive issues - we work together - me the detective, you the case we are figuring out! Getting to the root cause of your symptoms.

Whether the condition is/could be -


- IBD (Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis)


- Increased intestinal permeability causing food sensitivities 

- Dysbiosis

- Bloating

- Acid Reflux

- Constipation

- Recurring Diarrhoea


4 sessions

Initial Consult 90 mins

3 Subsequent Consults 30 mins

21 days between consults (3 weeks)


Dietary changes, potential elimination diets, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, movement, breath work, massage, recommendations, potential referrals (ie Osteopathy or Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy), access to my online yoga library, supplementation


Blood test (Medicare)

Metabiome - microbiome testing and analysis ($350+postage)

If required, referral to GP for ongoing tests such as colonoscopy 

SIBO test might be required - costs from $217 + postage



you can now pay with Afterpay

Private health rebates may be available however please contact your health fund and ensure you reference nutrition telehealth (not dietetic) services.

Download your free Gut Guide here

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