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The Pregnancy Plan.
18 months of support.

The Pregnancy Plan is to give you ongoing support from preconception care and advice through your pregnancy to postpartum.

Each trimester comes with it's own challenges, changes,  pathology reference ranges, ebbs and flows.

- tailored dietary advice

- preconception, each trimester and postpartum blood analysis' 

- potential therapeutic interventions such as supplementation; a tailored supplement regime of practitioner only supplements that are okay for your situation; whether on medications avoiding any contraindications and if you're breastfeeding, ensuring the safety of what you're taking.

- assisting you with how to prepare your health for conception, staying guided for recommended foods during your pregnancy and wound healing support postpartum.


 6 sessions

Each session is 60 mins

email correspondence in between sessions

session one: preconception preparation

session two: beginning of your pregnancy

session three: 1st trimester

session four: 2nd trimester

session five: 3rd trimester

session six: postpartum (the fourth trimester).


Dietary advice, Bend with Baby access, lifestyle medicine, recommendations, helping you stay informed and confident in your pregnancy journey, mindfulness practices, supplementation tailored to your health needs and health goals, blood analysis' x5


Blood tests (Medicare).

Further investigations dependent on your health status may include but is not compulsory; MetaBiome report at extra cost ($349 + shipping)



you can now pay with afterpay

Private health rebates may be available however please contact your health fund and ensure you reference nutrition telehealth (not dietetic) services.

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