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the fourth trimester-
nourishing after birth.

Caring for yourself postpartum is not an easy task.

They say bringing up a child requires a village - and this is very true. We need people on our team. We cannot do it alone.

But caring for yourself is paramount!!

This program was designed for an achievable time for you to focus on you, your health and your recovery/healing journey after birth.

We will discuss important nutrients for wound healing - whether a vaginal birth or c section was the mode of delivery.

- breastfeeding meals / nutrients

- supporting your baby's microbiome as well as your own

- supporting neurotransmitter production, optimising your nervous system during changes of sleep, mood and hormonal changes

- improving energy levels

- tailored dietary advice - keeping it easy, nourishing and achievable

- postpartum blood analysis

- potential therapeutic interventions such as supplementation

- correcting any potential nutrient deficiencies or supporting potential blood loss


3 sessions

Each session 30 mins

email correspondence in between sessions


Dietary advice, lifestyle medicine, recommendations, mindfulness, access to my online yoga library, supplementation tailored to your health needs and health goals


Blood tests (Medicare)



you can now pay with afterpay

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