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Be Postpartum Prepared!

Your guide for support in your postpartum, or for a friend or loved one as they navigate this new chapter.

Some of these wonderful people are Melbourne-based, or Sydney-based and required IRL - some listed are accessible online/for anyone!

What is super important in Postpartum is having support and being able to get the help we need. From physical, mental, emotional and the rehabilitation our body needs to heal.

Here I have listed THE BEST in the Biz - the most passionate, nurturing and professional Postpartum Support Network and tools.

1. Postpartum Nutrition: ensuring your body is getting what it needs after birth, having bloods analysed 6-12w postpartum and easy but healthy dietary requirements met. Practitioner: ME (of course!) I see clients all over Australia via zoom and soon to be back in clinic from November 2023 in Kew, Victoria.

2. Pelvic Floor Specialists: the incredible team at Eastern Osteopathy in Kew, Victoria. Dr Kathryn Johns is the real deal - incredibly specialised in womens pelvic floor health. Not only would I recommend her and her team during pregnancy, but especially postpartum. Ensure you see someone 6-8w PP!

3. Postpartum strength, mobility + movement: accessed online: Amy Carmody Movement platform. Incredible classes for pelvic floor, postpartum and more.

4. Postpartum Doula's: Two incredible PP doula's I can highly recommend for those in Melbourne are Christine Lappage from The Doula Circle and Georgia Cato. Worth investing your money in to a wonderful village - to feel supported, heard and seen. Doula's help not only nurture the mother into Matrescence, but will help with housework, baby cuddles, food for your freezer and more!

5. Breastfeeding Support: if it's important to you to be able to successfully breastfeed, a lactation consultant is a must! Sydney lactation educator Beaches Baby runs 3 hour workshops I suggest people attend in perinatal period, but she also does support zoom calls postpartum so can be accessible to anyone in Australia. JWP is a Melbourne based IBCLC who also runs courses and workshops online. Courtney Alexander is a Private Midwife and IBCLC in Brunswick, Victoria, who I recommend highly. Also Sydney based in the inner-west is GP and IBCLC, Dr Eliza Hannam who is a Possums accredited consultant, who can also assist with baby sleep (and mothers health PP!!)

6. Book: Life After Birth. Written by the wonderful Duo from Mama Goodness, Naturopath and Doula Vaughne Geary + Mother, writer, Postpartum Doula Jessica Prescott.

7. Nurturing Body Work: incredible postpartum massage in Melbourne with the lovely mother of two, Lauren Sheridan at Northeast Wellness - providing holistic myotherapy. Can speak from personal experience - ahhh-mazing!

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