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Starting Solids: New FREE Guide "Meals for Your Mini"

Starting solids can be MEGA daunting.

And, I don't want that for you!

Over the last few years, all my "Mini + Me" clients have sought my services because they felt very uneasy about solids. Scared of choking, gagging, iron-deficiencies. Worried about offering the right or wrong foods, when to offer and more.

With loads of information, old information, wellness-world fads and the likes out there, no wonder!!!!

So I wanted to put together a guide to boost your confidence!!!! With evidence-based nutritional advice, and some of my own recommendations from personal experience ;)

You can download this guide for free on my website under Programs.

This is my gift to you - I hope it helps and you feel inspired with your solids journey!

Yours in Optimal Health


BHSc Nut Med

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